What VoiceOver Talents Need To Know About E-Learning, with Julie Williams
Professional voice talent Julie Williams leads you through what you need to know to enter and succeed in the rapidly growing E-learning niche of the voiceover industry. This is a recording of a live webinar completed on October 30, 2012. The recording includes the Q&A session, so you can learn even more from the questions posed by the webinar attendees.

In this 90-minute webinar you'll learn the tricks, tips, and techniques for entering the exciting world of E-learning voicing and production:

  • What kinds of jobs are available in E-learning?
  • How do you find clients?
  • What do you need to provide on your demo?
  • and much, much more!

    There's a huge market of well-paying E-learning jobs, available to the voiceover artist who understands what clients are looking for, how to prepare and go after E-learning jobs.

    Using Accents and Dialects In VoiceOver, with Eliza Jane Schneider
    Eliza Jane is an actress, singer-songwriter, playwright, and a noted dialect coach. For five years she voiced eight regular series characters and hundreds of additional voices for Comedy Central's hit animated series South Park. Eliza Jane will teach you how to develop voices and dialects for your commercials and audiobook work. She has studied, recorded, and taught dialects all over the world.

    Touted as Hollywood's premiere professional dialect expert in both voice acting and coaching, she has taught Dialects and Accent Reduction at Brown University, Trinity Rep, The ONeill Theater Center, Word Bridge Playwright's Workshop, The Famous Radio Ranch, The Learning Tree University, and Dolores Diehls Voice-Over Academy.

    Don't limit your voice-over work to the same tired Bronx or Boston accents you learned from comedians in the 70s. Add some polish to your work with coaching from an accents and dialects expert!

    Transitioning From Radio To Voice Over, with Beau Weaver
    Don't be fooled by the title—you don't need to be working in radio right now in order to benefit from this webinar! The point is that there are certain skills that you need to use in VO that aren't the same skills used in radio. And knowing that can put you well ahead of the game as you launch or expand your VO career.

    Beau Weaver had decades in radio behind him when he made the transition into full time voice-over. And in the process, this voice-over legend found that there was an entirely different set of skills used in voice-over as compared to those used for radio. Beau will discuss how to make the transition so you can be one of the few radio talents who truly succeeds in a VO career.

    These are skills he puts to work every day as one of the West Coast's perennial A-List voiceover artists, voicing trailers for feature films, network television promos, syndicated television shows, documentaries, national radio and television commercials, and more. He's also had starring roles in animated series such as Superman and The Fantastic Four.

    Join Beau for 90 minutes of discussion with plenty of how-tos, observations, and marketing ideas you can use in your own voice-over career.

    How You Can Get Into Radio Imaging, with Gabrielle Nistico and Tasia Valenza
    Interested in checking out the huge VO niche of radio imaging? Then you'll want to sit down with two people who are rocking the airwaves! Gabrielle (Gabby) Nistico is a radio imaging talent and well-known imaging expert and coach, the operations director for VoiceHunter.com, and a VP at VOCareer.com. She's also a demo producer and VO marketing guru. This is a person you need to know if you're considering getting into radio imaging!

    Co-teaching this webinar is Tasia Valenza. You may know Tasia from her days as an on-camera actress as Dottie Thornton on All My Children, or as a Vulcan in a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, or as Lieutenant Winslow in Space: Above & Beyond, or as Jodie Abramovitz in Aaron Spelling's drama series The Heights.

    But of late Tasia has build an enviable VO career. She's voiced dozens of video games, including Star Wars: The Old Republic, Batman: Arkham City, and Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy, and cartoons. Plus, Tasia is very involved in radio imaging. In fact, her radio imaging expertise has earned her the honor of being the imaging voice of an entire radio format!

    Gabrielle and Tasia discuss the ins and outs of radio imaging: getting training, marketing yourself, how the imaging business works, and much more.

    Equipping Your Home VoiceOver Studio, with George Whittam
    If you've been considering installing or upgrading your home studio for voiceover, you already know that there's a lot of information—and misinformation—floating around on the Internet. This is your chance to work directly with George Whittam, the VO technical guru to the stars, and get the straight information on what you really need in order to produce professional-quality auditions and performance sound files from your home studio.

    George has installed and tuned up hundreds of voice-over studios, working with clients both in person and over the phone and the Internet. He was also instrumental in designing the Don LaFontaine Voice-Over Lab at the SAG Foundation in Los Angeles..

    Don't be misled by groups that tell you that you must have thousands of dollars tied up in high-end mics, DAWS, and confusing software you simply won't need. You don't want to miss this technical discussion.

    The Billion $ Read, with Pat Fraley and Scott Brick
    Voice-Over Superstars Pat Fraley and Scott Brick joined Julie Williams for this two-hour webinar on February 12th to benefit one of Pat's students, Nicole Nielson, who has been stricken with a horrible incurable disease..

    Fraley and Brick are two of the absolute hottest audiobook narrators in the industry; their extensive Billion Dollar Read webinar covers such essential topics as:

  • How to bid on an audiobook project
  • How and when to negotiate a higher rate for your books
  • When to accept a revenue share deal
  • How to negotiate a multi-book deal
  • Which books are good revenue share deals
  • "I've never asked for help from my students, friends and colleagues before, but now I need it," says Fraley. "One of my students has been stricken with Parry Romberg Syndrome. Her needs are staggering." Access to The Billion Dollar Read is a donation of $47, all proceeds of which will go toward Nicole Nielson's needs. From the live event, more than $6,000.00 was raised. You can help through your purchase of the recorded webinar.

    Getting Noticed Through Branding, with Rudy Gaskins
    Learn all about what branding means and how to position yourself from Rudy Gaskins, an Emmy Award-winning Producer and CCO of Push Creative Advertising, a full-service branding agency providing strategic marketing, graphic design, and video/film production. With his years of experience in the trenches at PBS, ABC News, Court TV, NBC, and the Food Network, Rudy is a strategic branding guru!

    Rudy was the key strategist behind BET's big redesign splash, where he worked with their extraordinary team to develop its mission statement, new logo, and on-air graphic identity. He lives by, and advocates the philosophy that collaboration achieves the highest levels of creativity.

    Some of Rudy's other clients include Lexus, FOX News Channel, American Express, Spike TV, ABC Television, Actors Federal Credit Union, History Channel, MSNBC, and NBC Sports. Learn how to brand your VO business from an expert!

    Audiobook Techniques and How To Land Work, with Vanessa Hart and Julie Williams
    Earphone winner Vanessa Hart has voiced dozens of books and is known for her ability to teach others techniques to take them to the next level in audio book recording. Her specialty is fiction, and teaching you how to bring the characters to life.

    Julie Williams prefers non-fiction and has voiced her share of books, as well. Julie's expertise is in "telling the story." and teaching others to do the same.

    As a team they're unbeatable! Vanessa and Julie also discuss the Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX), and tel you how you can begin your audiobook career TODAY!

    Stocking Your Character Voice Stable, with Patrick Fraley
    Learn how to create your 12 essential character voices. Patrick Fraley is one of the best known and most respected voice-over people in North America. This marks his 40th year performing and teaching.

    Patrick has been producing and performing audiobooks for about 20 years, and is a multiple Audie Award nominee and winner. As a performer, he has created voices for more than 4,000 characters! Patrick's instruction and demo production has guided more performers into book deals than anyone in the history of the audiobook industry.

    In this webinar you'll learn the three most meaningful methods for creating characters, the eight elements to a character voice, mouth work techniques for effecting large and small characters, and much more.

    The 2013 Audiobook Gold Rush, with Patrick Fraley, Scott Brick, and Robert Deyan
    This is the second in a series of benefit webinars in support of one of Pat's students, Nicole Nielson, who has contracted Parry Romberg Syndrome. All proceeds from this webinar (as well as the earlier Billion $ Read webinar) go to support Nicole's needs.
    In The 2013 Audiobook Gold Rush, Fraley and Brick are joined by Robert Deyan, an audiobook producer, casting director, narrator, and guest speaker. Bob is the president of Deyan Audio, and has been casting and producing audiobooks for more than 20 years.

    In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • The latest insider negotiation techniques for more money.
  • The effective way to work ACX to your benefit.
  • How to efficiently network publishers and producers.
  • Advanced narration tricks to dialogue.
  • Learn from the best: Patrick has been producing and performing audiobooks for about 20 years, and is a multiple Audie Award nominee and winner. Scott Brick is simply the Super Star of Audiobook Performers, and has narrated 600 titles in nearly every conceivable category.

    Narration Excellence—Intermediate, with Julie Williams
    eLearning and narration are some of the fastest growing genres in VO today. This webinar will equip you with the techniques to propel you into narration excellence.
    In the Intermediate narration course, Julie Williams gives you the basic tools for narration and eLearning, and then coaches and critiques a half-dozen volunteer readers in those skills. You'll learn:

    In this webinar, you will:

  • Discover techniques to rocket you to the top
  • Transform your read and get noticed
  • Learn what's the big deal about "storytelling?"
  • Get on the fast track to narration and eLearning success.
  • In this Intermediate level webinar, Julie covers tools that you'll find to be useful if you go on to Part II of this series: Narration Excellence—Advanced, in which she covers medical narration and more advanced technical narration topics.

    Narration Excellence—Advanced, with Julie Williams
    In Part 2 of the Narration Excellence series, Julie Williams focuses on medical narration and technical narration.
    In the Advanced narration course, you'll learn how to:

  • Be Competent, Confident, and yet Clueless about your topic
  • Tell the story you don't understand
  • Impress your clients so they bring you work again and again
  • Climb to the top of the narration ladder.
  • In the Advanced level webinar, Julie again coaches and critiques volunteer readers, bringing home the lessons of how you can prepare and excel in the fields of narration, medical narration, and eLearning.

    How You Can Dominate The Pay-To-Play Sites
    Are you on Voices.com , Voice123, or one of the other Pay2Play voiceover casting websites, completing audition after audition, but NOT BOOKING? Gabrielle Nistico has the skinny on how you can book more work through thses sites! And, the secrent isn't to audition more. In fact, you'll probably end up auditioning for fewer jobs...but you'll audition for the RIGHT ones! The Pay-To-Play casting sites can be an important part of a voice artist's career plan. But, if you don't know how to make a returon on your investment, you'll just spend time auditioning.
    In How You Can Dominate The Pay-To-Play Sites, , you'll learn:

  • Tactics for making the Pay-To-Play sites work for you
  • Strategies that can have you auditioning less, AND increasing your bookings
  • How to avoid mistakes that you don't even know you're making...and that are costing you jobs
  • How to make your Pay-To-Play site listings and profiles more attractive to the right clients.
  • If you've tried the P2P sites in the past, and they didn't work for you, Gabrielle "Gabby" Nistico will tell you why, and teach you how to correct the problems.

    How To Use Social Media In Your VO Career: Social Media Secrets
    Have you ever wondered how to really make use of Social Media to expand your voiceover career? It sees that everybody is a self-proclaimed "expert" at social media. But landing a $50 job on Facebook does not an expert make!! Join Dave Courvoisier (CourVO), a voice talent AND a social media advocate, and learn the ins and outs of the myriad of social media outlets.
    In the Social Media Secrets webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to extend your brand on social media
  • Social media tools, both hardware and software
  • The most important networks to focus on, and how each network differs
  • The optimum days and times to be on social media.
  • Dave is a voice actor, TV news achnor, an active blogger, and "an itinerant prospector of social media." Join him in this 90-minute webinar, and learn how you can become proficient at promoting your VO career through social media.

    By Chance or By Choice: A Fresh Approach to Networking In 3 Simple Steps
    In this 90-minute webinar you will learn how to relax into your networking activities and eliminate the overwhelm. Rather than adding a million-and-one new tactics to your to-do list, Kristine Oller will guide you through focusing your efforts and maximizing each move you make in your VO career.
    In the By Chance or By Choice webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to better focus your efforts in expanding your VO career
  • Tips for getting the most from your networking time at conferences and other social gatherings
  • How to maximize the 3 areas of networking in which even the smartest creatives sabotage their careers
  • How to create powerful "accountability relationships" in your life
  • Over the past 15 years Kristine Oller has worked with many top-tier VO pros, including Pat Fraley, Ann DeWig, Bob Souer, Doug Turkel, Eliza Jane Schneider (South Park), Julie Williams, Gene Tognacci, Alyson Packard ( NBC’s Poppy Cat) and Pam Tierney, among others, guiding them through the process of shifting to their next level of success.

    Pick Up Your Oscar: The Craft of Voice Over Acting
    Pat Fraley introduces the only acting method created to address the rapid demands of the Voice Over World. Learn Pat Fraley’s unique approach to voice over acting in and around the microphone. .
    In Pick Up Your Oscar, you'll learn:

  • How to "play the subtext"
  • Raise the "stakes"
  • Create "motivated contrast"
  • Patrick Fraley has been performing and teaching his approach to vocal performance for 40 years. He has created more than 4,000 characters, placing him in the top ten performers of all time for being cast in TV animation. Learn from one of the best in the business!

    Building A VoiceOver Business Beyond Pay-To-Play, with Ron Minatrea
    It is said that If you fail to plan...you plan to fail. Julie WIlliams welcomes Certified Professional Business Coach Ron Minatrea, who will put his more than three decades as a Fortune 500 business leader to work for you. This is a recording of a live webinar completed on July 30, 2013. The recording includes the Q&A session, so you can learn even more from the questions posed by the webinar attendees.

    In this 90-minute webinar you'll learn how to develop long- and short-term goals, find your motivation and discipline, set realistic expectations for your voiceover business, and so much more.

    Ron will discuss the need for a multi-tiered "go-to-market" strategy that goes beyond pay-to-play casting sites, and builds reliance on business from repeat customers acquired via multiple market channels.

    Everything They Expect You To Know, But Nobody Teaches, with Pat Fraley
    Julie Williams hosts Pat Fraley as he covers a barrage of methods, mind-sets, techniques, and downright dirty tricks collected from the best and brightest in voiceover. These techniques are guaranteed to advance your abilities at auditioning and performing.

    In this 90-minute webinar you'll learn:

  • 6 Winning Ways to Slate Auditions
  • The "Never Pop A 'P' Again" Trick
  • "Hamlet's Bad Mime Method" to Slowing Down
  • ""Panties, Prison, or Personal" Mind-Set to Getting Quiet
  • "The "Fighting with Vowels" Exertion Sound Method
  • and much, much more!

    Plus, you'll receive a downloaded webinar handout (.pdf) of the techniques. And there's a Q&A session at the end of the recorded webinar, so you can learn more from Pat's answers to the webinar attendees. Get it today!

    Winning at Pay-2-Play, with Gabrielle Nistico and J. Michael Collins
    A little bit of strategy can dramatically increase your income at the Pay-2-Play sites such as Voices.com, Voice123.com, and many others. Gabrielle Nistico and J. Michael Collins join Julie Williams to help you strategize your plan to win at the Pay-2-Play sites.

    To succeed at the online casting sites, you'll need more of a plan than jus submitting dozens of auditions. During this webinar, you'll have have access to two in-demand voiceover talents who can guide you to success at the Pay-2-Play casting sites.

    The Art of Self Direction
    In this 90-minute webinar, Patrick Fraey will show you how to create the best director you'll ever work with: YOU! Whether you're recording from home doing auditions and audiobooks, or recording in a client's booth, you often get next to no meaningful direction!

    In The Art of Self Direction, you'll learn:

  • Evocative performance choices that cut through the vast competition;
  • How to avoide indecision when choosing between two valuable choices;
  • How to acquire rapid, practical Text Analysis Skills, which are CENTRAL to self direction
  • This webinar comes with both audio-video and audio-only (.mp3) recordings that you can listen to at the gym, when commuting, etc. Plus, you'll receive as a special bonus a 25-page workbook, The Art of Self Direction, with examples, worksheets, techniques, and guidance, all written by Pat Fraley.

    Patrick Fraley has been performing and teaching his approach to vocal performance for 40 years. He has created more than 4,000 characters, placing him in the top ten performers of all time for being cast in TV animation. Learn from one of the best in the business!

    Creating The Undeniable Demo, with Patrick Fraley
    Your demo can't just be good...it has to be UNDENIABLE! Pat Fraley covers in this 90-minute webinar what casting directors, agents, producers, and writers want to hear in your voiceover demo. You'll also learn how to save hundreds of dollars and loads of time in preparing your demo.

    In Creating The Undeniable Demo, you will:

  • Hear examples from excellent Commercial, Character, and Audiobook demos;
  • Learn how to find award-winning copy, scripts, and text for your demos;
  • Receive an extensive 30-page workbook, Creating the Undeniable Demo," by Patrick Fraley.
  • Patrick Fraley has always been on the vanguard of demo production. He introduced the first 1-minute demo in voiceover history. Among his greatest assets, he cites his access to top agents, directors, and casting people in the industry who tell him exactly what they want and expect in a demo, and what they hate. Pat has produced evocative, unique demos throughout his entire 40-year career.

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